All the seeds have germinated!


But the two leftmost seedlings were dried out when I checked this morning. I gave them some extra water and they seem to recover well. The water level hardly dropped in 5 days so I think it’s a more structural problem. The level is 15 centimeters below the lid and 10 centimeters below the bottom of the net pots. The mister is only slightly off center to the right and also angled slightly to the right.

With the power of Tie wraps (almost as cool as Duct tape) I fastened the mister to the brick, now it’s far easier to position as you don’t have to take into account the cable pull. I recommend doing that from the start. If this doesn’t help I’ll increase the amount of water in the container.


While on the subject of setbacks I also noticed the past 5 days that the battery powering the Jeenode runs out rather quickly (1 each day, although all 5 were almost depleted). Perhaps a more sustainable power source is needed.


When upgrading my brick I noticed that some algae started growing on it. I hope that is not going to be a problem.


An a related note the temperature in the room is dropping fast, hampering growth.


Last but not least, the seedlings have a strong tendency to grow to the light. I rotated the pots but this is hardly a solution.

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