LXC, Cgroups and weird numbers

LXC, Cgroups and weird numbers

Running docker inside of an LXC container is not as trivial as I expected. Here I would like to clarify one of the many things that puzzled me along the way. The enigmatic configuration lines in the lxc configuration file (/var/lib/lxc/your-container/config):

lxc.cgroup.devices.allow = b 7:* rwm

With some effort I figured out the b is a block device. c a character device (no idea what those are at the moment) and a for ‘all’ or both. r, w and m are relatively easy too; read, write and mknod (make node I guess).

What remained unclear were the digits. In the man page they are refert to as \‘major/minor’.

After some digging I found /var/lib/lxc/your-container/rootfs/dev which lists the devices. There I couldn’t find the devices Docker was complaining missing. The command lxc-cgroup eventually cleared everything up. This command can be used to add devices to a running container. Where I should have been looking was /dev. The numbers there can be used in the container configuration file.

Helpful where the posts of Stéphane Graber on LXC.

Hope this helps someone.

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